Wiring and Networks in Hackensack

When exposed wiring starts to accumulate, your home or workplace becomes a hazard zone for electrical fires, shocks, and electric zaps as well as risks for interrupted or missed communication, data loss and malfunctioned smart systems. American Business Communications Services, Inc. takes the stress and hassle out of implementing custom data wiring/network cabling. We work with you to develop actionable voice and data cabling that will allow you to make the most out of all the technology you own.

Not all data installation companies offer the same level of services or have access to the same high-quality products as we do. Passing the savings on to you is important to us; we do this through maintaining longtime supplier relationships and a large stock of brand-name parts you trust.

Speedy Cable Installation

To us, getting the job done quickly doesn’t mean cutting corners or hiding hidden fees on your final bill—like some of the other data cabling companies do. Our ability to meet tight deadlines and take on big projects with guaranteed start and finish times, come from our exceptional time and project management skills and large staff of qualified professionals. We have recently provided the following structured cabling solutions:

  • Data wiring
  • Cable installation
  • Data center cabling
  • Fiber optic cable installation
  • Ethernet cable wiring
  • Telecommunications wiring
  • Home entertainment structured cabling
  • Security and surveillance wiring
  • Structured wiring panel inspection, maintenance, upgrade and repair

How Long Does Structured Cabling Installation Take?

When you’re comparing data cabling contractors, one of the key things to look at is how long the structured cabling installation is going to take. Planned electrical outages and temporary system communication downtimes are part of the process; delays or scheduling problems will create unnecessary panic and lost productivity and expenses. Working with American Business Communications Services, Inc. means you’ll know what to expect from your network cable installation—every step of the way. Our guaranteed start and finish dates are unparalleled by any of the other structured cabling companies in Hackensack. During the initial planning stages, we’ll let you know exactly how long it will take to complete the job.

What Voice and Data Cabling Companies Usually Don’t Tell You

Scalability is the key to all the successful wiring systems in Hackensack. As a good network cabling company, we not only want to know what your communication management goals are now, but what your plans are for the future. Date cabling companies usually don’t reveal that it is often more economical to integrate your existing wiring infrastructure into your new plans.

Talk to Hackensack’s data wiring/network cabling experts to find out more about how we can help you keep your project running smoothly from start to finish.